French Oak

French oak (Quercus petraea) comes from the forests of central France. Its concentration of ellagic tannins is 3 to 5 times higher than that of American oak. Provides an important polyphenolic structure to the wine, gives greater length on the palate and promotes colour stabilisation. Light to medium toasting tends to increase the concentration of lactones, decreasing the longer the toasting. Balsamic and spicy aromas stand out, very respectful of the wine's fruit.

American Oak

American oak(Quecus alba) comes exclusively from the Appalachian Mountain forests. It provides an adequate level of polysaccharides and gives the wine a greater volume on the palate. The transfer of ellagic tannins is less influenced by the type of toast and provides a very moderate tannic load throughout the Aurum oak product range. It imparts greater aromatic sensations than French oak and its most characteristic descriptor is coconut (β-methyl-γ-octolactone). Its concentration decreases in favour of vanillin aldehyde and volatile phenols as toasting levels increase, thus facilitating a better aromatic assembly with the wine.